The Art of After-Sales Marketing

Turning Satisfied Customers into Loyal Brand Advocates

Leverage your creativity and storytelling skills to enhance customer engagement and loyalty

Discover 'The Art of After-Sales Marketing,' a transformative guide that unveils the hidden palette of strategies to nurture customer relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and elevate your marketing impact.
  • Understand the undeniable importance of customer retention in a brand's journey.
  • Discover the correlation between storytelling, art, and marketing.
  • Gain practical strategies to turn your customers into fervent brand evangelists.
The eBook and Print-on-Demand books are available on your favorite platforms:
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After-Sales Marketing Workshops

Empowering your team with customised learning & strategic insights

After-Sales Marketing Essentials

Ideal for teams or small businesses looking for an introductory overview of After-Sales Marketing.
+VAT 24%
1 hour / 20-30 participants
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Introduction to After-Sales Marketing: Retaining customers and enhancing brand loyalty
Key Elements for Effective Campaigns: The cornerstones of After-Sales Marketing as the foundation for effective strategies
Interactive Q&A:
Discussion on After-Sales Marketing essentials, fostering a deeper understanding
Access to Additional Resources: Opportunity to purchase a copy of "The Art of After-Sales Marketing" offering further insights into the topic.

Deep Dive After-Sales Marketing Workshop

This workshop is suited for businesses seeking a thorough understanding of After-Sales Marketing.
+VAT 24%
6 hours / 6-12 participants
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After-Sales Marketing Essentials: Understanding its significance
Brand-Consistent After-Sales Messaging:
Aligning statements with your brand identity
Mapping the After-Sales Journey: Visualising the customer's post-purchase path
Post-Purchase Expectations:
Identifying what customers anticipate after buying
Advanced Analysis Tools:
Leveraging technology for in-depth journey insights
Engagement Strategies:
Techniques for maintaining long-term customer relationships

ASM Strategy Session

Ideal for businesses aiming to elevate their marketing efforts with After-Sales strategies tailored to their industries.
+VAT 24%
2 full days
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In-Depth Analysis and Strategy Development:
The first day includes the "Deep Dive After-Sales Marketing Workshop," focusing on a thorough understanding of After-Sales Marketing, and the second day is dedicated to creating effective After-Sales campaigns aligned with the brand's identity.
Creating Effective Campaigns:
The session provides tools and insights for developing After-Sales Marketing campaigns aligned with brand's identity that resonate with the specific audience of the industry, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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The old adage, a picture paints a thousand words, enables marketers to quickly translate concepts and ideas into images. Using art and artists, the author illustrates how companies infuse their brands with character, individuality, and emotion.

Dr Trevor Brignall

Vladislav Dobrokhotov

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Vladislav is a seasoned professional, highly acclaimed in Marketing and Customer Relations. A Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Marketors, Vladislav's work embodies a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer retention strategies, critical components of the field.
Currently serving as the Executive Director of The British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland, Vladislav excels in creating personalised experiences for his members. His unique approach, emphasising emotional engagement, contributes to high member satisfaction and loyalty.
Vladislav is also the founder of igreetu, an innovative digital eCard platform, which revolutionises the after-sales process by providing an additional avenue for businesses to express gratitude, appreciate customer loyalty, and enhance brand image. With igreetu, Vladislav combines his understanding of customer psychology with technological innovation, offering an unmatched tool for businesses to enrich their customer relationships post-purchase.
Vladislav Dobrokhotv
Author & Marketor
Founder of igreetu